Welcome, you have stumbled into the online web home of WillWeasel.

This is still very much a work in progress. For the most part this site is used to host my various ramblings and files for the various games that I play. You can also find info on some of my other hobbies as well, as time permits of course.

If you wish to delve further just click on a link below. Enjoy.


Starfleet Command II/OP

Older turn based computer games

Hearts Of Iron

Voice Chat Software

Fish keeping

Computers in general, repair and such


Other TV related crap

Other Pet related stuff

Other stuff that I want to ramble on about

Star Wars Games

Misc Games I play on computer 

Files and Download area

Links to other, I hope to God better sites

-O and here's the news section, so ya know I'm still alive.   


Added some more stuff to the files section, Heck I made a link TO the files section. Yea for me.


1st incarnation of this site. Wonder if I'll get any  hits before the next update.


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